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About Us

Vueling Virtual was founded in November 2022 and aims to take you through Europe and Maghreb thanks to the work of our incredible team. Our VA is not only intended for experienced pilots but also for those who do not have so much knowledge, as it is our duty to train every pilot regardless of their level and make them better pilots.

Why We Started

We started because we strongly believe that Vueling deserves its own virtual airline. We are all passionate about aviation and it's at VYVA where you can meet and talk to lots of other enthusiasts and that's our goal, to create a community.

The Future

In the future, we would like to show you our wide routes network with the help of our partners and make you feel at home, this VA is a big house that welcomes everyone no matter what your basic knowledge is. We will be happy to help you progress.

Staff Team

Here is our team, these are people like you who have a great passion for aviation and who will be able to help you within the VA.


President & Founder

Stan is the CEO of Vueling Virtual, he is in charge of managing the entire VA, maintaining a good atmosphere within it and always innovating to make this virtual airline better.


Vice President



Charlie is in charge of the recruitment of new pilots who want to join VYVA.


We think this rank structure is perfect for everyone, take a look below:

0 Hour

| Vueling Regional Routes (-1hr30)

10 Hours

Second Officer
| Vueling Short-Haul Routes (-3hr)

40 Hours

First Officer
| Vueling Medium-Haul Routes (-5hr)
Codeshares Short-haul (-3hr) and Medium-haul (-5hr) Routes

75 Hours

| Codeshares Long-Haul Routes (-12hr)

200 Hours

| Codeshares Ultra-Long-Haul Routes


Vueling's fleet consists of the A320 family. This fleet of Airbus is recent and allows the airline to operate all of its flights in complete safety while offering a comfortable expirence to the passengers. New aircraft are constantly being delivered and the airline is growing every day. See you in the yellow skies!

Airbus A319

| Capacity: 144
| Cruise Speed: Mach 0.78
| Range: 3,470 nm

Airbus A320

| Capacity: 180/186
| Cruise Speed: Mach 0.78
| Range: 3,750 nm

Airbus A321

| Capacity: 220
| Cruise Speed: Mach 0.78
| Range: 3,250 nm


At Vueling Virtual we have a large number of destinations, here are 3 that you should visit with us:





Here are all our routes, you can have a look below: